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Throwing Stones for Fun & ProfitReturning after a hiatus of many years to an old love of ours, marbling is a very traditional craft that involves floating drops of paint onto a liquid substrate, and scribing into or combing these droplets into several time-honoured patterns…as well as experimenting with new ways to manipulate and pattern the paint. When the pattern is ready, paper or fabric is lowered onto the floating design, and virtually all of the paint transfers to the printing surface. Each print is unique and impossible to replicate.

Throwing Stones for Fun and Profit is an exhibition and sale of marbled works produced during our 2013 marbling sessions—conducted during the rainy season (because you need lots of water to marble), on the exposed deck of our houseboat, in the Northern Territory’s Darwin Harbour.

Marbled fabrics and papers will appear on the covers of our handbound journals, as framed one-of-a-kind prints,  as artist’s books, as quires or cahiers, blank cards, collages, and soft sculpture ornaments.

Opens Friday, 6th of December 2013 at 6p.m.
Darwin Visual Arts Association
56 Woods Street,
Darwin CBD, NT

Nibbles served, with licensed bar, at the Opening.

Kris Larsen is an epic adventurer and has written 4 books about his experiences. He is also a bookbinder, painter, woodcarver, boat-builder and puts together crazy homemade bicycles to keep himself amused. He has been marbling, on and off, since he was introduced to the craft by his wife in 2000.

Nat Uhing taught herself to marble (using oil paints) in 1996—with amazingly good results, considering that her only reference works on the subject were a picture book about Venice, and a very terse description of the craft in an old Encyclopædia Britannica. She introduced Kris Larsen to the craft, and he quickly moved into working with acrylics.

8 thoughts on “save the date!

  1. So wish I could be there but I’m at the other end of the country.
    I hope it is a runaway success and don’t forget to post photos for those of us who will be there in mind, if not in body!


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