Oh, wait, what? Woohoo!

Mr X Stitch screenshot

Holy crap, cocoaeyesthestitcher works fast! She asked me a handful of questions for the Mr X Stitch blog last month, and I think I only sent her my answers to the last couple of questions on Saturday night.

Browsing my feed reader tonight, I did a double-take to see that the interview was up and live already.

To be featured by the totally hardcore, cutting-edge, crest of the wave, stuff-of-the-moment embroidery website Mr X Stitch is a HUGE honor…it’s like acceptance and acknowledgement by every über embroiderer on the internet. I am flushed with pride.

Olisa, in particular, is a marvelous interviewer in that, before she threw me any questions, she first took the time to actually look at my work and read my blog. It is wonderful that she is also a perceptive museum goer and reviewer who can actually discuss craft and making critically and theoretically. I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing it was to be asked questions relevant to my own work, and not just a handful of pre-made questions that run roughshod over my own practice and ideas like a steamroller, mashing everything I say to fit into a limited and ignorant set of misconceptions. A sensitive and intelligent correspondent, she was, and the fact that she is an über embroiderer, herself, made it so easy to communicate ideas.

She was also very patient with me, as I think I rambled on for waaaay too long!

I will forever be grateful to her for the attention she paid to my answers, and the care she took to craft the follow-up questions. Pure gold.

Un abrazo grande y fuerte (como un oso!), Señorita Olisa. Mwah!

Inspired to Stitch – Nat Uhing.


7 thoughts on “Oh, wait, what? Woohoo!

    1. Hah, yes, Thursday we are back on the mooring…looking forward to the peace and quiet of the mangroves, again. We feel a litle bit like animals in a zoo on the wall, too many people strolling down the wharf all the time. Thanks, Dave, you at least know I’m human and pudgy…


  1. Wonderful article, a lovely roll out of your voice and your work. And a fun way to get a formal introduction after peeking in at your offered blogs all this time, I feel as though you have been revealed in a fuller way. I am such a fan.


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