Goodbye, September…

A beautiful rendition of James Taylor’s “September Grass” by Mishka, a beautiful friend (and daughter of another very dear friend, the sculptor and artist Agnes Arellano…I wrote about Agnes in this post).

I still have Mishka’s first album, God Bless The Child, that she recorded with Candid Records when she was just 21. Her voice back then was angelic, but it also sounded young and unripe (still good, though, and I play her album regularly to this day)

Soon after that, Mishka moved to London to study music, and I lost track of her beyond seeing a few pictures on facebook of a beautiful girl on holidays in Spain or Portugal or wherever. Seeing this current video of Mish, quietly strumming a guitar on her balcony, gave me goosebumps…her voice has gained in strength and fineness; the words “well-tempered” and “seasoned” come to mind. Sometime in the past 7 years, Mishka blossomed into both a gorgeous woman and a self-possessed, skillful singer.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, September…

  1. Dear Nat, somewhere in the house (I’m searching for it) we have a CD album of Miska from years ago If I find it, I’ll send you a picture of the covers and even mail the CD to you if you wish. Love you lots, Dad


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