Manta rays

Kris has also been working with plasticine, molds and models the past few months…on a much grander scale than my altoids-tin-sized rowbed: a meter-high brain-coral, rocks, 3D maps, life-sized manta rays, museum-grade stuff for upcoming World Heritage Center, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

The company that makes these lifelike reproductions is Natural History Productions, and Ewan Wood is the mad genius behind it.

Art of Kris Larsen

For the past four months I’ve been working on a project: a mate of mate got a contract to refurbish a visitors’ center at a Ningaloo Reef in WA. So we’ve been building brain coral, fake rocks, manta rays and whole heap of other things. Just the two of us. A welcome change from swinging hammer in a boat yard. Today I started loading them all  into a container for the long trip to WA, and I realised that I have no record of any of that work. Frantically running around with a borrowed camera I snapped some of it.


Brain coral took three months of work. Shame that photo does not show a greater detail: all the squiggly convolutions are stippled, weeks of patient work. The whole thing is over a metre high.


First we inflated a metre diameter beach balloon and covered it in plaster. Puncturing the ball…

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