models and mail art

model for a bed

I use plasticine a lot to make models or mock-ups for drawing…especially strange, three-point perspective drawings. It’s cheating, sort of—not because I am drawing from clay models, but because I then pass them off as drawings of the real things—but it sure beats looking at other people’s pictures on the internet., and there’s the added creativity of shaping stuff with my hands.

There’s a painting I want to do that involves a bed, and since I haven’t got a proper-looking bed to draw (our single-layer mattress sits on a low wooden platform, just 6 inches off the floor) I made one out of plasticine. It’s about the size of a pack of playing cards. Will do my sketches using this.

I did a few drawings of the bed, and then added a pair of oars to it. Just playing with the form. Nice way to calm down an overactive mind and smoothen the thought wrinkles from between my eyebrows. It may well become the subject for some other drawing. And so it goes…

rowing to dreamland

Also made a mail art postcard for a friend in Germany today. A scrap of Indonesian sarong on one side, the beautiful old-fashioned wrapper of a bar of Spanish chocolate on the other.

chocolate postcard


5 thoughts on “models and mail art

  1. Quaint and therefore, uniquely beautiful, Nat! Is that the moon’s face on the underside of the bed’s coverlet, looking serene and inviting? 🙂


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