It’s childish and naive, but I keep coming back to this sort of image: a lush and stylised garden—as from a Persian or Moghul court miniature—with an ornately decorated building topped by a minaret in it. It was this children’s book, illustrated by Ed Young, that got to me at the tender and impressionable age of 6 or so. I have been wistfully recreating that garden scene ever since…

Here, for example,

Habagat Garden: title page

and here,

NaNoJouMo - 010

I love Islamic patterns and art. Always have. The genius of their craftsmen and artists.


21 thoughts on “float…

      1. Nah I got back a few weeks ago. Had a bit of an accident on my bike and landed on my head… Broken wrist, fractured vertebrae and messed up my face a bit but got to hang out with my sick Mum for a bit longer.


        1. Oh no, your handsome face? 😦 I knew about your hand, didn’t realize it was vertebrae, too. I did read every post of your blog, including the demonstration you went to. 🙂 Working at the same place? I often look up at the windows there, wondering if you’re behind the glass at your computer. Can you cycle yet?


  1. Lush is such an apt description for gardens in this style of art. I really like your illustrations with rich, beautiful colors and intricate designs… that floating garden and home would be great to visit — just don’t get too close to the edge!


  2. It’s not naive at all. I love whimsical, personally. I find that from time to time I become drawn to certain things or styles for quite a long while. Thats when I am most content. What are we as artist if we do not express what is in our mind awaiting our visual expression. Just beautiful work!


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