no internet :(

My mobile broadband dongle up and died on me some time ago…and I wasted a few days trying to get it fixed, looking for a new battery, and so on. Nothing has worked, so I’ll have to buy a new one tomorrow. Apologies for just suddenly ‘dropping out’ of blogging, very frustrating!

Life goes on, though, aboard the MV SonOfAGun…
ginger flower season

It’s ginger flower season, and I was told to take as many as I wanted…

Only good manners and a small bicycle basket prevented me from taking several armfuls of these beauties home.


12 thoughts on “no internet :(

  1. beautiful flowers. i’ve been out out and away lately. happy about it and also happy it’s almost over, back to ROme on monday. missed you. hope to see you in the Philippines? you coming home for christmas?


    1. Hello, Kat! Still in Berlin? No trips to the Philippines on the cards…can’t afford it, as it’s my year to support my parents and I send them 45% of my wages each month. Can’t do both that and travel. I’d never go at that time of the year, anyway, Manila is insufferable at Christmas time and I don’t like that holiday, anyway. 🙂 Bah humbug and all that jazz. 🙂


  2. Ginger flowers? Wow! Nice ginger cat too. Hope you can fix the internet and ‘dropp in’ again. Always good to see what you are up to. Un abrazo, Rosa


    1. Thank you and sorry for the late reply! Yes, the flowers are members of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and the cat knows when there is a photo opportunity to draw attention to himself via some witty juxtaposition. Gracias por su abrazo 🙂 N


  3. Beautiful picture, great composition and color, harmonious and very relaxing mood!! Sorry about your internet thingy. But those things happen to give us a little change in our otherwise hectic lives, right? Love,Dad


  4. Know how you feel. I’ve been camping in “the wilderness” for four days and have just returned today devouring whatever I can get on the internet. Sigh… hate to be so dependent on something like that.


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