Just one more, and then I promise to stop…

I know, I know, too many videos by/about other people lately. I’ve taken on one more day at work, but that small thing has changed everything and my creative spirit is being melodramatic and acting like I’ve sawed one of its legs off. I’m slower to get started making/doing things on weekends, and clam up and get grouchy a whole day before my work week starts. Pathetic.

So just one more video, and I promise to get cracking on some posts of original material soon.

I found this video via the Jealous Curator (who has the greatest blog name in the world, and features always amazing art and artists.) Kris and I used to live a bit like this…minus the wall of windows, of course, which would have been a big problem on a tropical beach buffeted by killer typhoons and ‘reverberant’ with crashing coconuts.

On quiet nights, though, give me a one-room house on stilts, filled with candles and shadows, the lapping of the sea, and the chirruping, hooting cries of the night jungle all around. Now there was a peace and alone-ness the likes of which we never came across again.


2 thoughts on “Just one more, and then I promise to stop…

  1. Those windows that each have a story!! and the surroundings… So awesome. They should let it out to people who want to stay there for a weekend. I can imagine it would be a really great retreat. I’m still blown away by the fact that you lived on a boat, is that right?


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