Maciek Janicki’s Paper City

Spent a lot of last week making large paper cut designs for our shop window…so paper’s the flavour of my week.


9 thoughts on “Maciek Janicki’s Paper City

    1. Thanks for sharing Ann Wood’s blog! I’d not heard of her. So much inspiration there…there goes my Sunday, and my to-do list, as I throw everything to the wind and resolve to read most of Ann’s blog, now.
      No idea whether Maciek used real paper for this…he seems to be more an animator, and I suspect the entire paper city is virtual? Hard to tell these days, when they can simulate anything. Still, the end result is charming. But there is something magical about making these things by hand and from actual materials…


    1. no idea! It’s very possible that the whole thing is virtual, and no actual paper buildings were made? Very hard to tell, these days. The way they disappear and grow from the ground suggests the use of After Effects or something like that.


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