More Jazmin Berakha brilliance!

New work on her blog! Jazmin Berakha’s style is slowly evolving over time…there’s a lot of her signature style in these embroideries, but she’s also introducing new things, like the use of black fabric instead of white, and representing hair as a peppering, a rainshowering of white stitches.

I love and respect her technically accomplished stitching, which is flawless as well as beautiful. She’s been featured as an über embroiderer on this blog before, but every time she does something new I have to gush about it.

See a third piece (and take the time to look at her past embroideries, too!) over on Jazmin’s blog.


One thought on “More Jazmin Berakha brilliance!

  1. Amazing. The woman is like an illustrated sampler of her embroidery styles. This kinds of stitching just blows my head with its awesomeness. Thanks for sharing. (Love your new fabric print too, by the way)


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