inspiralled detail

My soul is alight with your infinitude of stars. Your world has broken upon me like a flood. The flowers of your garden blossom in my body. The joy of life that is everywhere burns like an incense in my heart. And the breath of all things plays on my life as on a pipe of reeds.

—Rabindranath Tagore

starting line

It started with a piece of linen, divided into front, spine, and back journal cover panels using some thread and a running stitch. Onto this I let wet circles of ink puddle and pool, adding details as parts dried. When all was dry, I photographed the cloth, and filled the orbs with PicMonkey overlays of flower balls and spirographs. The next day the finished piece was uploaded to Spoonflower for printing, as my first pattern design ever, and something new to cover my hand-bound journals with.


Waiting for that first proof has me buzzing with excitement and/or apprehension.

Also, I have managed to surprise my disenchanted self, at this late stage. Last night I lay in bed and said, dazedly, “I actually got off my ass and did something I have been talking about doing for three years, and it only took two days!” Kris murmured back in the dark, “Shocking. What is the world coming to?”

20 thoughts on “sproing

  1. These are truly brilliant! I’d love to get my hands on them!
    I’ve only started reading your blog, and headed straight to arts and paintings, this is very well painted!
    keep posting!


    1. Thank you, Ki’ihele. Play, it’s all just a form of play. I have a couple of the old Spirograph sets from ’69 and ’74…a present from my better half. I’ve just always wanted to do something more with those spirals.


  2. I like it a lot. I don’t tend to use journals. I can’t physically write in them very well. This one would be nice for one in which I record readings for people. I like the mixed feeling of the eyes and the clear aura colors in this.


      1. Hey! Phew, I finally found this response! Lol. I couldn’t recall the name of your blog, the moment I needed it. I just ran by a link I wanted to share with you: http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2013/spoonflower-tour/?ref=fp_blog_title It’s a blog post, from Etsy.com while they’re taking a real look around the office seas and going ons at, Spoonflower! I immediately thought of you. It’s a good read and an opportunity for you to take a real look around! 😉 Happy Weekend!


        1. Thanks, that was good to see…surprised at the number of large printers they have, guess that means business is booming and I’m so glad for them if it is! Still waiting for my proof to arrive. I think that when it does, and if the fabric closely resembles the digital image, there will be no stopping me, and I’ll become one of those mad spoonflower members who spends all her time just designing fabric…


          1. PLEASE, do let me know!!! Thats soo exciting! Also, i run another blog on design, designers, etc.. Maybe I could feature your experience and this ‘sudden growth’ and inspiration, in a post for my readers someday!? Have a small followers 700+ right now but. I am getting more focused! New ideas coming and in October I hope to “break ground”. Id love to hear and share your experience.
            For now, keep us in the loop ok? Best to you in your adventure! Soo excited for you! Be sure to take photos of packaging and everything ok lol! JayNine


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