Sometime Saturdays

Going over some old photos, I realised that there is so much I have never used/posted on this blog. Thought I’d share, or re-share (sorry if it’s old news to some of you) some of the more interesting stories and images of things from the past. Is “Sometime Saturdays” too corny? It’s a tongue in cheek reference to all the “flashback Fridays” tags going around. Heh.

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B’s Marionettes

Starting with these handmade marionettes by my brother B. Each marionette is about a foot-and-a-half (45cm) tall. B did all the designing of the wooden heads, hands, and feet, as well as the stuffed cotton bodies, the carved handles, and the stringing up! He also had all the fabrics ready, and the ideas about the marionettes’ personalities and how the clothes should reflect them.

He even designed magical cross bars for the puppets, with faces of their own!

I was visiting the Philippines from Australia, and spent nearly two weeks at his place. The time we spent together—drinking coffee, inspiring each other, listening to New Wave, or working in separate corners of his attic studio—as we dressed and styled these wonderful characters was typical of the way we’ve always bonded…by bouncing ideas off each other, and by spurring each other on with endless “What Ifs”.

I gave him a hand making the clothes, and drawing gold ‘tattoos’ on the hands, feet and faces. I loved dressing these little people!

Do you think I’m dressed funnily for the Philippines? In Sagada it was so cold that our breaths would condense as puffs of white fog in the air. And the house wasn’t heated, except for a large fireplace downstairs. We worked in the attic, and if I didn’t have to use my fingers for fine work, I’d be wearing gloves in this picture!

This is Sarosh. He is the messenger of the gods…he has two mouths, and four arms. The marionettes’ characters were based on the angels of Zoroastrianism.


14 thoughts on “Sometime Saturdays

  1. Gorgeous pieces of work. And your wearing a thick jacket isn’t a big deal, but nice to know it’s sunny enough for you to have sunglasses on as well 😉


    1. LOL they’re mostly to keep the hair out of my eyes. And we were ducking out to the balcony to smoke so often, I must have just come back and forgotten to take them off. It WAS sunny. Sunny, cold, and wild sunflowers everywhere.


  2. oh ,,sorry user107055 is cynthia from what iffing…i know it sounds so impersonal but it is actually sentimental and special for me so thank you again cynthia


  3. these are so beautiful…how wonderful to create such amazing creatures..and to do it with someone you love…i simply keep scrolling back and forth ..loving looking at the pieces as much as the whole…i wish i had one ..i can imagine how they would feel, i can imagine a scent..foreign to me and tantalizing…what an evocative and beautiful post..what good things came out of that chilly pair of weeks ..thank you for sharing them…i am out in a humid green morning with good music before plunging into the day..with this humidity it feels like that literally..and instead i am just going to sit here a few minutes more and look at Sarosh….what a wonderful way to start a day


    1. it was a pretty magical time for me, and Sagada was a wonderful place to live. My brother was very lucky to be able to rent the beautiful home of one of the town’s former mayors, so it was a big, beautiful house of pine and french windows and fireplaces, perched on the edge of a steep pine-crowded ravine, overlooking a roaring cold river and mountains covered in wild sunflowers. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!


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