Dancing for Yourself via New Art

“Awesome, isn’t it?
Dancing for yourself is the best, and we all (?) know the feeling of something that is so good it should really be changing the world….

Now that we’ve gotten this far, you need to know something: this event was staged. The person dancing is a performer, and what you have just seen is an art project.”

Provoking thoughts about experience and performance, art and self, the public, the commodity, and the private, the everyday, the contrivance, and the sublime. This is the latest post from New Art, who does not write often, but is always worth checking out when he does.

Discuss with your favorite dance partner, or with a reflection of yourself in some large mirror.


7 thoughts on “Dancing for Yourself via New Art

  1. What is so darned funny about this is that I have done something similar…and got caught doing it so to speak…several times. ha…


  2. OMG this could’ve been me. I do this all the time. Anytime I hear a tune I like whether I’m in the grocery line, in the mall or driving in my car, I just can’t help but dance! I’m at a stop light and my arms are just swingin’ away. I loved this. I don’t even care that she was a performer. When they were young, my kids thought I was certifiable, now they think I’m cool. Whodathunk?


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