Rock art :: Kris goes walkabout

a pile of human bones

Kris left home last Monday to walk and hitchhike his way to some river-and-sandstone country, 600 kms. from Darwin. Rocky climbing terrain, he decided to leave his bicycle behind, this time, or he’d end up carrying it on his shoulder for most of the way.

He traveled light…a jerrycan of water, a loaf of bread, a sleeping bag, a small Canon powershot. This let him walk further into the area than if he had a heap of gear, and transportation, with him, and he found this large cave, 50 meters long, dry and well-ventilated, flooded with sunlight, and full of ancient Aboriginal rock art paintings. Some natural disaster (locals say ball lightning) had wiped out the clan that lived here, and after that the place was abandoned by those people. The bones of the ones who died there are still spread over a square patch of ground at the cave’s entrance, although they have been picked over by the odd explorer, and the ‘good bits’ like skulls and tools are gone.

Kris estimates that the last time people lived in the cave was about 200 years ago. More pictures, as well as descriptions of the cave, are on his blog.

little man with parachute?

prime real estate...floor to ceiling windows

Rock art.


5 thoughts on “Rock art :: Kris goes walkabout

  1. forwarded correspondance re Garden Spectacular this weekend…check out the website too… Alison

    Hello Michele I am looking forward to coming down to the gardens next Friday and setting up my stall- I’d like to have one of those behind the stage that you mentioned.

    My friend Nat Uhing makes beautiful hand made books is also interested in having a stall next to me…I hope there is still some space for her. She is able to run a workshop too.

    I will send her your contact details.

    Alison Dowell


  2. I had to laugh at myself as the first thing I thought of when seeing the cave art of the, I assume, man was, “this must be the cave man’s version of the song…YMCA and this was the A.”


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