Where’d everything go?

Just a quick note to show you where the new theme has stashed things. There’s a little toolbar at the very top of the page…

Navigation in Ryu

Here’s where you’ll find the old widgets…Top Posts, a button to subscribe to new posts via e-mail, other things that I might add later.


“Connect” buttons…links to The Smallest Forest’s other places/ways of getting in touch on the net: e-mail, flickr, facebook, Pinterest, twitter.

connect buttonsThe “Search” bar…a touch inconvenient, hidden away like this, but that’s just the way the theme goes.


That text is pretty big, isn’t it? There are posts where the font is enormous, because I had it set as a header or emphasized it, to make it stand out. The last theme didn’t make very big changes to font size between paragraph and header styles, so I often went for the second to biggest header style. In this new theme, Whoa! Those header fonts are big enough to print posters from! Future posts will make no use of header styles at all, I suspect, and I probably won’t ramble as much as i used to. Keep it short, and confine the post to a page or two of scrolling!

This is Ryu, and it’s an Automattic theme designed by Takashi Irie.
So, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Where’d everything go?

  1. Icons are a little bit invisible, but theme looks okay. I would really really like to see images + text from your blog in my RSS reader though, I don’t always click through because of time limits and I know I always miss out on pretty and inspiring content… Just a thought


    1. Hi Hanna, didn’t realize that things were different when viewed from the RSS reader…is it possible that you’ve only looked at my recent two posts, which didn’t actually have any pictures? I’ll go have a look at the settings for readers, though, to check that and change it if I can. Thanks for your thoughts! Always valuable to me.


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