Changing the blog’s theme. Again. Bam!

Yo, heads up! New theme’s a’comin’.

I’ve developed a huge crush on RYU. Great big images and text (as I’m nearing forty, I’ll need the Large Print, hah!) Clean, without being ascetically minimalist. No more annoying borders around my images. No more teal text with pink links. And I don’t seem to lose anything with the shift (unlike this current theme, which reset so many things, menus, widgets, header…what a nightmare!)

Nothing lasts forever. It was the best option then, but something better has come along. A blog should change as I change. Thank you and good luck, “Ever After”…it was no fairytale, but it was good while it lasted.

I’m pulling this costume change tomorrow. Don’t have a cow. Nothing else going on, I promise…I’m still me, after all. It’s as though I were going to get my teeth whitened…different, but same.

See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Changing the blog’s theme. Again. Bam!

  1. I hear ya on change. I have changed my theme on WordPress many times. One of my themes I only had for about a week, and changed it again, cause I realized that it cropped a lot of my photographs in my posts and I did not like that. Currently, I am happy with my theme now. Change is good. Can’t wait to see your new changes! 🙂


    1. Tempted to do it now, all it takes is the push of a button, but the waiting makes it even more fun, so I’ll sit on my hands till tomorrow. 🙂 Silly me, it’s just a blog theme, but I can’t help feel like I’m changing the interior decoration of my home with the wave of a wand. In some ways, a blog is also a kind of home, I guess.


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