Never trust a spiritual leader who doesn’t dance.

A beautiful, living art form and self-expression. I am particularly fascinated because it’s not something I can do or know anything about. I dance, but gravity still calls the shots. This…well, this is different. This is poetry. Exploring the limits of the body’s imagination. Playfully simulating the glitches and electronic distortions of video and music. A body of water, movements like oil. The dancer is Marquese Scott.

Try to see past the music, if it jars you (though I happen to love dubstep). This is a portrait of passion.


2 thoughts on “Art.

  1. My speakers are having issues, so I had to listen to it on mute, and I think that it may be even better than with. The sound can be a distraction, and without it, I could really focus on the grace of the movements.

    Also, ye gods, I my heart warmed at the muscle control. *wipes tear from eye * The muscle control is beautiful.


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