Light an old flame…

Spark something

1. Untitled, 2. City of Light (907), 3. Gorgons Head, 2003, 4. Twist and Shout, 2007-, 5. Royal Purple journal, 6. book 910 – 5, 7. Buggery: Beetles on books, 8. Sailing the night ocean, 9. postcards from the archipelago : sea monster attacks black ship…, 10. Untitled, 11. Cup o’ Lovin’, 12. Pterynotus bednalli miniature book(1 inch x 1 inch), 13. Miniature book (Simplified Codex), 14. the finished book…, 15. NON-PAREIL I, 2003, 16. “Gladiolus Rag” (Book 885), 17. Fauve Sunset, 18. Spider Lily (detail of embroidery), 19. Langstich und kettenstich, 20. Recent journals 1, 21. SCALLOP Amulet Book, 2004, 22. Closeup of a recent journal I made, 23. Only the Pure of Heart…, 24. Sorceress of Serendip, 25. 891, 26. Crazy Circus Chair, 27. heart shaped doily doodle…, 28. Lagooned in Gold, 29. Pilar’s Journal, 30. 895, 31. headbands, 32. Moroccan Diamonds, 33. caramel (no.906), 34. puff (no. 908), 35. Relax: Robyn’s Journal, 36. 904 : : Pink hippies

I feel pretty lousy for neglecting bookbinding. Well, that’s not the only activity I pretty much dropped when I became obsessed with learning to paint…I haven’t embroidered anything for ages, either! I’ve got to find a balance between this new painting bug, and everything else.

In an attempt to rekindle my bookbinding flame I was looking at my Flickr bookbinding set this evening. Seeing all these very different journal and book covers—particularly the old ones that I’d forgotten about—made me happy and sad. Most of these books are with other people, now, and it’s a bit like looking at a photo album of children who grew up and moved away. On impulse I made a mosaic of a few of them—fd’s flickr toys only allows 36 thumbnails so I’ve had to choose from among so many journals, and probably chose older ones simply because I haven’t seen them in so long, it’s like they’re new to me again.

I’ve got one day left to stay home and do something creative…what do you think I should work on: embroidery? Bookbinding? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Light an old flame…

  1. Yay…some eye candy to start my work day! Your books are so richly colored they awaken my tired eyes. Hmmm bookbinding or embroidery? My pick is embroidery because it’s a quicker fix given the time limit, no? This choice is also driven by a personal agenda. ;). I’ve been trying to learn shisha embroidery and I’m about ready to poke my eyeballs out. Me thinks looking at more of your embroidery work might just be the inspirational smack I need. In the mean time I’ll keep drooling over the idea of buying The Right-handed Embroiderer’s Companion.


    1. That’s so true, embroidery is quicker gratification…bookbinding starts with all the boring stuff like cutting and folding a ream of paper. Very Zen, if you can get into that groove.
      I’ve never tried shisha…but if it helps, try gluing the mirror disc down with something like a tacky, solent based craft glue, to hold it in place while you stitch it down. That’s what I’d do…I love chemistry and modern adhesives! 😀 *smack*
      Don’t know of that book, but then most stitch dictionaries offer the same thing, give or take a stitch here and there. I’m off to look it up now…


  2. It is lovely to see your wonderful books like that… you do such beautiful work. I would opt for whatever soothes your soul and makes your heart sing… can’t go wrong with that on a day off!


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