“When you let g…

veiled window

“When you let go of your desire for the painting, as a result of despair or a need to feel liberated, you allow the work to find its own voice….The paralysing spell is broken and you are off again, discovering your subject through painting.”

—Emily Ball, Drawing and Painting People


3 thoughts on ““When you let g…

  1. HI nat Quite so I once spent a whole day soft pastel BIG drawing a glorious bloodwood in the itchy scrtachy hot bush…to find it was a disaster,too unwieldy too big, no centre no path for the eye, but brought it to life by impulsively chopping it in half…the top and bottom were a matching pair and worked much better. Or turning things upsidedown. Or scribbling over the top. Takes courage but usually worth it. Are u going to make it to the art sale? you are welcome to join us, in the driveway at my house 24th MArch,Sunday 10-2. Yet to confirm it until I hear from a few key artists- Kate, Ingrid, Aly and JAimie, Kate Bussey, Patsy Creswick ax


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