Unwanted attention

monday interview merged

Monday, 25 February, 2013: Dude and Kris pose together on the back deck of our boat for a photograph taken by Daniel Hartley-Allen, to illustrate a full page interview that was conducted and written up by Alison Bevege, and which appeared inΒ  the NT News’ last Monday Interview section. No promises, but I think this is the last of Kris’ capers in the media for a while, they seemed to be coming fast and furious for a while, there…but we’re lying low from hereon, nose to the grindstone, pulling our heads in, and everything interesting that can possibly be said has been said, now, anyway.

Really, the cat makes the picture…you can imagine what an insufferable princess Dude’s become since he appeared in the paper. It’s gone to his head. πŸ™‚

Thanks to Alison, for a fast-paced, action-packed write up; and to Dan, for the awesome photo. XX Nat

P.S. Kris’ fourth and last book, Out of Census, was printed in Indonesia late last year; it’s about his escape from Czechoslovakia, and his vagabonding around Europe and India. We only have a few hundred copies of it. If it sounds like something you might enjoy, you can get hold of a copy via Kris’ website, monsoon dervish.


12 thoughts on “Unwanted attention

  1. Hey, alison here, thanks Kris and Nat you two are amazingly interesting. I love that you chase the dream. You never settled for boring slavery, you went for life.


  2. Hey, thanks heaps Kris and Nat, you guys are awesome. You are the reason i ever wanted to be a journo in the first place, so I could learn about adventures like yours. Your book is packed with amazing tales, Kris. The opposite of boring. Xxx ps: nat are you going in the portrait of a senior territorian art award?


    1. πŸ™‚ Pretty much! The boat swings with the tides, so sometimes we are facing the opposite end of the creek. It IS a quiet and beautiful place to live and work, we love it.The write up was so rippingly paced and interesting…really made me want to meet the sailor she’s writing about! πŸ˜‰


  3. When it says on Kris’s blog that he doesn’t mail to the US because of postage costs, I’m just curious: how much would it be to mail a small package like a book? And would’nt he consider selling a downloadable version to his wider world fans?


    1. Cheryl, ah, you’ve hit a sore point there. Australia Post is expensive enough, because it is no longer a government service but a private enterprise…their rates have become quite ridiculous for mail going overseas. This is made worse by the fact that the US customs levies a $9 “security” fee for anything that weighs more than 500 grams (even the thinnest of Kris’ books is slightly over that). The upshot of all this is that Kris books are $20 each, and the postage for a single book is about $28…more than the book!
      It might prove cheaper to order several at a time…so you only pay the American security levy once, although that’ll mean buying possibly more books than you want.
      Kris doesn’t want to have anything to do with digital publishing, he says I can do as I please when he dies and leaves the books to me. *rolls eyes* And he also despises Paypal’s political subjectiveness. But if you want his books, contact me and I will buy them from him, sell them on to you. What a rigmarole, but there you have it…


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