Object Enclosed: one (1) pc. “Ear”

fat ear

Paintings are not going too well. Reached a point yesterday when I thought I would explode…some unnameable despair filling me up, making everything I do hateful and wholly despicable.

Finally I squeezed noodles of paint over the problem canvas, and spread the quinacridone magenta around wildly with my hands, obliterating everything I’d done so far…I cried a little, but the rage subsided, and I felt heaps better for having done it. A feeling of calm filled me, but I also felt tired.

To take a break from all this pathetic, anguished (only happens in movies, surely?) painting, I set about making some mail artΒ  for a friend who is also a painter (probably a less angry painter than I am, but who knows, really, what lurks in the hearts of women who paint?) and I started the epistle with this hilarious first page. I should have attached a small magnet to the stapled ear, so that it could be used as a fridge magnet…what a fun idea! Oh well, maybe next time (there’s always the other ear). πŸ˜‰

I quite like how I’ve managed to bring the two options together harmoniously by “cutting the painting’s ear off”.


13 thoughts on “Object Enclosed: one (1) pc. “Ear”

  1. I love the “hands-on” painting with magenta “noodles.” I once got so frustrated with a painting (and a lot of external issues that were making me crazy) that I put away the brushes and just painted the whole sucker with my hands. It turned out to be a better painting and it still hangs in my studio, a good memory of a bad time.


    1. LOL When I try, I fail, but then when I do something crazy and random like this, it seems to work. There’s a lesson here for me, if I could just resign myself to a body of work that consists of small, random, weird bits and pieces instead of paintings. πŸ˜‰ Purple paint will fix anything and make it fabulous.


    1. Thank you, Dave. I admire what you’re trying to do on PP&P…I’ve a soft spot for literary postcards since having to write “Flash” fiction (must fit on a postcard) at uni. However, this piece is on an A4 sheet of paper, and the ear is life-sized. Now that I know your criteria I’ll send along the next thing that’s suitable. Cheers! Nat


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