Fancy wooden journals by Kris

East Timorese man & woman carvings on merbau, with barramundi fish leather spines

Kris has written another book called Out of Census (his fourth! And I’m convinced it’s his best! More about that in the week) and we are throwing the official launch party on the 1st of February at the Darwin Visual Arts Association (although actual copies of the book are going to start circulating tomorrow…he’s sitting across from me, stitching signatures, as I type this!)

The launch will take place alongside an exhibition called “Publish, and Be Damned”, all about the joys, pains, and craziness of self-publishing, and of the world of books in general.  Kris has done a whole bunch of pen and inks that center on the theme of the writer and his muse, and is binding some very one-off journals, as well. A diverse gang of our creative friends will be participating in the show as Kris’ guests…I will try and do something along the lines of bookbinding and printing, too, if I manage to pull myself together in time.

The figures on the covers in the top photo are a traditional man and woman pair of carvings that we bought several of when we were in Dilli, East Timor for 2 months. They are carved from a single thick branch, and when we bought them, they were joined together by a short length of braided raffia. The leather on the spines of both books is tanned barramundi fish skin.

Here are some of the other journals Kris has made for the show:

wooden journals: mandala and dragonfly

Mandala and dragonfly wooden journals (above), made from ipil or merbau (Intsia bijuga).

Above and below: A book bound to fit the shape of a very large pair of oyster shells. Mother of pearl and barramundi spine.

And if you think these are different, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

via Kris’ post Fancy books.


11 thoughts on “Fancy wooden journals by Kris

  1. These are gorgeous, Nat! That oyster shell book is very inspiring. Please give my congratulations on the new book to Kris. 🙂


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