A razzle-dazzle of wrens


One of my favorite things in the English language is this list of all the different collective nouns to describe a group of animals: A murder of crows. An obstinacy of buffaloes. A blessing of narwhals. A sneak of weasels. They’re like very tiny micro-mini short stories, in and of themselves. I looked the list up recently to find a name for my wrens, here.

I despaired of producing serious miniature artworks, succumbed to the Call of The Cute—and ended up making these tiny little wrens for The Goddesses of Small Things show (this is just a sneak peek…)

A group of wrens, according to the list, is called a cabinet. Hrrm. That’s not a baaaad image, if you can steer your mind to imagine a small medicine cabinet full of tiny, tail-bobbing birds.

But these are Sparkle Wrens…painted with metallic and glitter paints, in very un-wren-like colors, then stitched with variegated, glossy and metallic/holographic threads, so that they look like little bits of jewelry…hence my fanciful collective term for them: a razzle-dazzle.

Because it isn’t degrading enough that I have failed at making grown-up art, and sold my soul to Bubbles the Demon…I must debase myself further and give my wrens a twee little collective name.

And, with just five frigging days left before Show Time, I’m finally having fun. Blimey, why do I always have to learn these things at the very last minute, the hard way?



20 thoughts on “A razzle-dazzle of wrens

  1. They are utterly delightful. And remember that although you may feel they are sparkly and cute rather than “serious and grown up”, but there is entirely serious application and technique involved in creating them. There’s nothing at all frivolous about the skills involved!


    1. Thank you, Kris! How awesome if these little guys have actually inspired someone! I actually contemplated the collective noun ‘a coffer of wrens’ because they are like little fancy jewelry pieces… 😉


  2. Part of doing a show are those last minute creations which are sometimes the best. I just finished a 3 day show and took today to relax and get over it! Good luck with yours.


    1. Yes, the pressure of the deadline seems to force something desperate, dense, and daring, you are absolutely spot-on about that! How did your 3-day show go? I shall have to see if you’ve posted something about it on your blog!


        1. I did see your post about the show, lovely idea to have it in the home, such an intimate feeling! Wish I could do something like it on the boat, but the hassle of taking people to and from the shore constantly makes that quite impossible. Kudos on your show!


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