Funny video (in an evil, blood-smorgasbord way): : AFP’s The Killing Type

Sometimes it’s more important to be human,
than to have good taste.
Bertolt Brecht

Amanda Fucking Palmer’s music video for The Killing Type is like underwater ballet performed in a blood bath. It’s funny, in a horrific sort of way…

AFP does love the image of the mentally unhinged lover, doesn’t she? I so enjoy her in this role, which she plays well, mainly because I get the impression she is actually a very strong, sound, and good-hearted woman, in real life; I could not, for all my cycnicism, take pleasure in the real suffering of some demeneted woman.

The performance is a provocation…a test of your humanity. How much do you feel? Besides being violent, I also found the video highly erotic…possibly because some scenes recalled very graphic, unforgettable bits from the Marquis de Sade’s novel Juliette, which I read so many years ago, and still blanch to recall.

The new album (with The Grand Theft Orchestra), Theatre is Evil, came out 3 days ago. I am delighted that Amanda and The Grand Theft Orchestra seem to be revisiting the old Brechtian Punk Cabaret sound of the Dresden Dolls in this album…albeit richer, what with a full band this time. I’ve really missed that sound, the style she seems to do best (I wasn’t crazy about her stint with the ukelele, I’m afraid.)


3 thoughts on “Funny video (in an evil, blood-smorgasbord way): : AFP’s The Killing Type

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! gore and song and palmer! yeaaahhh. I love that she didnt go all the way graphic as to use knives and vampire-ish emo stuff like that. this was much better. i like it a lot. thanks


  2. I love Ms Palmer, but this video was a bit too graphic for me to enjoy. With all the intellectual and metaphorical levels aside, I don’t enjoy bloodbaths. Maybe I’m getting old, cause I get nothing from blood and gore (I think I used to get something). I truly enjoy the song though and am anxiously (still) waiting for my preordered album, should arrive any day now.


    1. I get what you’re saying. I didn’t mind so much, but truth is that there are so many real blood baths happening around the world, many documented and posted for public viewing, that one wonders why we must also create pretend ones. A surfeit of blood, does it make things better or worse? Oh well, I love her music, and I bought my album off the website.


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