Fifteen hundred readers…

pomegranate kaleid 2

Come to the garden in spring. There’s wine
and sweethearts in the pomegranate blossoms.

If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you do come, these do not matter.

— Rumi

WordPress Stats tell me I have 1,500 followers.

I am trying to be offhanded about it, but it’s actually pretty stunning news, the thought of so many people hanging around waiting for me to open my big fat mouth and say something entertaining/instructive/enlightening/inspiring/intelligent, so much so that it’s freaking me out and I want to just sit here, rocking slightly and keening, “eeeeeeeeeee!



It’s hard to believe I was able to snag the interest of so many people with my erratic blatherings-on about whatever, and the pressure is incredible (a terrific attack of self-consciousness, here) to oh, I dunnoearn or somehow maintain your continued following? Repay you? Not let you down?
Spur this blog on to greater heights of garrulousness, a thousand more followers?

On the one hand, it seems like a huge thing.

On the other handโ€”and I laughed with the sudden realization as I told Kris tonightโ€”the number is meaningless. Meaningless.

Because I think I would keep this blog, anyway, regardless of whether there were 10 or 1,000 readers. That even ONE person, a total stranger, reads and enjoys it, is amazing. Dizzying. Flattering. My readership is multiples of one, not some lump total number that homogenizes everyone.

It does not make me anybody important, it is not a reliable indicator of whether or not I am a person of quality, it cannot make my life any more perfect than it was five minutes before I found out about it. There’s the warm feeling of reaching some people, yes, who would deny that? Even made a few friends through the blog, and that’s the best part, the only part that has made a real change: half a dozen friends whose blogs I now read and comment upon.

It’s not like I planned to, or believed I would, keep a blog for three years. My main concern was coming up with something to say on a regular basis…never thought about followers, or getting chosen by Freshly Pressed, or any of that. I just sit here, writing, uploading photos of stuff I’m working on at the moment, sometimes I manage something a little more useful, like a tutorial or a signpost pointing you in the direction of someone who really deserves the attention…but it happens in the momentโ€”whoosh!โ€”it passes, and is gone. I never know what the next post will be about, or whether you will read it, or not. Whether you will like it, or not. Signing up for this blog’s posts has been a real act of faith on your part…I’m amazed that you are with me at all.

Don’t really know what else to say, other than

“Thank you.”


24 thoughts on “Fifteen hundred readers…

  1. Hi Nat, I’m new to WordPress and your blog ” the smallest forest” is the first blog i followed!! See.. there’s really something special about you!!! I love reading your blog so much that i didnt give myself enough time to explore other blogs and how to maintain my own blog. I like to start my own blog and trying to find inspiration and explore all the goodies out there in the blogging world. I am so glad i found your blog.
    Thks and congrats.


    1. Hi, Gale…Wow, that’s very flattering! But now I feel guilty for taking up all your attention! My blog is not as good as many blogs out there, and it’s definitely not as important as the one you start for yourself!
      As I wrote on your first post, keep on writing…even though, for many years, it can feel like you are talking to a wall, and the only comments that turn up are spam comments! Be patient, after some time of diligently writing, the blog will get enough visitors to start “living” on its own. Be yourself. And be gentle on yourself if things are slow…I tell myself that my blog is just an online diary that shares glimpses of my life with a few friends; so if anybody else enjoys it and comments, or follows, or whatever, it’s an unexpected bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Good luck!


      1. Thank you so much for your reply and encouragement! i’m so touchd! kissy kissy!
        “I tell myself that my blog is just an online diary that shares glimpses of my life with a few friends;”
        That’s what exactly why i would like to start my blog finding posting on fb doesnt really serve that purpose so well. Blog is a more thorough and indepth way of sharing, i think. I will do it on my own slow pace!! and actually, this wildberryforest is my tasting run, i will start another blog which will really be something i want.
        So great writing to you. Btw, i am chinese lived in hongkong and have been to the Philippines for a few times, last time i was there in May climbing the higest live volcanic Mt Apo. Love it was a wonderful trip!! Not yet been to the State. Got my diving licence at the Great Barrier and spent a week at Alice Spring, love there too!
        I will love to be your host if you come visit hongkong one day. ohh silly me, you live on a boat!!
        Thank you again!!!!


  2. Congratulations! As a somewhat new blogger, it is inspiring to read how your blog has grown, and a good to reminder to just “blog for yourself” – advice I keep reading over & over. Thanks for the insight!


    1. You just HAVE to keep going, months and months of what feels like mutterings to yourself in a corner of an echo-ey tiled bathroom. Then there’s a trickle of visitors…and it gets a little stronger over time, and then it hits a critical mass, and takes on a life of its own. Strangest thing, really, growing a blog like a slow-starting plant.


  3. You’ve never ‘let me down’ or needed to earn my attention! I’ve always admired your creativity and looked up to you as a creative person. I love hearing about your life as well as your work – it’s like a little mental holiday to me ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks, Katie! I guess the expectations are all in my own head, funny how we project our own anxieties onto others. No, no, no, I look up to YOU…you’re the Mother Eagle, after all…arbiter of cool! ;D And your thumbs up means more to me than you know.


  4. You have never ‘let me down’ as a reader or needed to earn my attention! i have always loved your creative output and looked up to you as a creative person. I always imagine you life as a kind of paradise when I read your blog and I love the little mental holiday it gives me.


  5. Congratulations! Your popularity must have something to do with ‘quality’!
    Reading this blog and Kris’s writings I am compelled by an overwhelming sense of coincidence! The difference is that the images, and thoughts I’ve only experienced in my mind materialize on your pages! They are familiar but as completely original as anything could be! It blows me away!
    You make this stuff look so easy and fun while so many of us are reduced to ‘Crying like a fire in the sun’!
    I’m glad you’re committed to keep going. This blog is inspirational!


    1. Thank you so much, Dave, for being an early and super-enthusiastic reader of our ramblings and whatnot! You are elevating us to greater heights than we have earned…I can hear the artist crying out in your writing, as clearly as anything my own self is trying to express; just do it, Dave, it’s there, you’ve got it, let go and let it happen! Peace and joy, my friend!


  6. Congratulations! I know how you feel. I feel exactly the same way…I just got my 1000th admirer on Etsy and I was tickled pink. And I was humbled as well. It’s such a great feeling…embrace it, roll round in it, and wrap yourself like it is one warm, soft blanket. congrats, my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I enjoy reading your antics you have a wonderful sense of humour. Your art work and your stitching and how you combine the two is inspirational. So pleased that so many other people enjoy as much as I do. Pippa


    1. Thank you, Pippa! So glad that a few readers have stepped out of the woodwork on this post…it’s delightful to know the names and ‘hear’ the voices behind the terribly intimidating number! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Karen! I have just been admiring your miniature books in the flickr group…and feeling very much the novice! Thank you so much for the HUUUGE compliment, such a headrush to feel the love from an amazing artist. Thank you, thank you!


      1. OMG! thank you, that is lovely coming from such a talented all round artist.
        if I can give any tips on anything just holler ๐Ÿ™‚ ….but your way ahead of me sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Why I continue to follow….It’s simple….what you write interest Me.
    what you show us is varied and interesting, giving us opinon and showing your struggles. You live your life free from some of the things that grind me….some days I would love to be on a boat somewhere. and the most important to me is your embroidery….love to see the stitches yours and others on this blog….in a world of false identity Well done & congratulations for being You


  9. Thank you! You always amaze, enlighten and entertain me. I wish I could hang out where you are and just learn from your enthusiastic engagement with your life. Have no idea how I came to be a reader, but so glad I am.


    1. Oh thank you so much, it puffs me up with hubris to know that such cool individuals are out there, reading this blog! Feeling very spoiled, now, with all these affirmations. You’re an awesome reader, thank you!


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