The Art of Kris Larsen

Somebody please tell me whether you’ve seen any flying pigs recently?

I need to know, because my introverted, decidedly anti-technology husband has just started his first blog…and I was sure that pigs would learn to fly, first.

As the title suggests, the blog will feature the drawings and paintings that Kris does, mainly for fun, sometimes for exhibits and, lately, to illustrate the pages of the books he writes and self-publishes.

There won’t be much writing posted at his blog at all—he has been doing more than enough writing in the four books about his experiences as a philosopher-adventurer. Excerpts from his books are over on his website, Monsoon Dervish, if you’d like an idea of the content.

The very first post features 14 images about the joys and dangers of writing, intended for a 2013 calendar called The Writer and His Muse.


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