Learn to make six different books in 24 hours

Term 3 Introduction to BookBinding

Six different bindings—from the very simple pamphlet to a hardcover case-bound book with ‘made’ endpapers—in just 24 class hours!

Great value for your time and money, the Introduction to Bookbinding class covers six of the most useful binding techniques—often split by other teaching institutions into individual curricula—to give you a firm foundation of skills that, for most students, will be all they’ll ever need to know about the craft. No previous experience necessary, and beginners are most certainly welcome.

By the end of the term, students will have made a small stack of beautiful and diverse journals, and often take home an abiding and passionate love-affair with the craft, as well.

Use your handmade blank book as a personal diary or perhaps a travel journal on your holidays. Record your secret recipes for future generations, or keep an intimate history of your child—from birth to 18th birthday—as a testament of your love. Gather your favorite quotes and poems into one volume. Use it as a sketchbook in which to express those creative ideas, or as a scrapbook for ephemera, clippings, photos.

In an age when most store-bought presents will get thrown out when they lose their novelty, a handmade and personalised book just gets more and more precious over time and with use. While most things become ‘junk’ after a few months, a book filled with years of your handwritten words, fragments of art and snippets of life becomes an ‘heirloom’.

I will provide the paper for all of the books, as well as book board. I always have plenty of extra tools that you can borrow, and often can supply thread and adhesives, as well.

You will need to provide your own fabrics to be used as covering material for each of your books, and any decorative papers you might want to use as endpapers…don’t worry about that now, I’ll explain it in detail on the first day of class.

For a list of the basic bookbinding tool kit that you will need to get together (many of these items are probably already within your home, but the ones you don’t have on hand can be purchased cheaply from Spotlight, or possibly borrowed from me) click on the link to download a PDF:

Basic Bookbinding Kit (PDF)

Introduction to Bookbinding starts on Tuesday, the 7th of August 2012, from 6-9 P.M. and runs for 8 weeks.

For more information, or to enrol, contact the Casuarina Senior College Adult Night Classes office at (08)8920 1200

photo of finished books by my students, via the CSC ANC website


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