vandalized fruit and other news…


Just playing with my food, again. Sorry, bad joke. But I have to say, there’s something very satisfying about picking up a fruit or vegetable that’s just lying around, and doodling on it with a marker. Have you tried it? I need to do this fruit decoration thing about once a year…here are some old ones:

rotund mango maiden
pears 12

I’ve got work every day this week, filling in for one of the staff, sorry there’s so little substance in my posts lately. I’m just dying for the weekend! Hopefully I can post something new, and more interesting, then.

Oh, and remember that little gem of signage I photographed and posted here, a couple of weeks ago?

alleyway bullion

The restaurant directly behind the turquoise wall—called Go Sushi—had a huge fire a little over a week ago, and here’s what’s left of the sign that I thought was so pretty:

and gone...

Fascinating, the way some little corner of the city can stay the same for 20 years, and then —whoosh!—is gone, overnight. Life, really, I guess it’s called. I wonder how the Chinese backpacker—having his cigarette break out the back in my picture—is, and where he works, now.

They’ll tear the whole thing down soon, and something new will quickly rise in the prime real-estate space; two years from now, nobody will remember there ever was a corrugated iron wall the color of a robin’s egg along this narrow street, or some fancy old-school letters.

Personally I’ve always gone to Takagi’s (or better, that one inside the Casuarina Shopping Center, next to K-Tong’s) over Go Sushi, so I won’t miss it. In the meantime, though, all its grieving fans can go sushi someplace else (I hear they’re restarting it in a different spot.)


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