Now, now…


FIg Bird

Still just playing thoughtlessly with the painting tools on my desk, not planning or caring what comes of it all, in the end, but enjoying what does eventually come through.

Every canvas starts with an odd shape of paint—like an asymmetrical Rorschach—and often I scrawl the words Now Now across everything, making each letter as curly and elaborate and frou-frou as I can. A gentle reminder to stay focused, to stay present, because I’ve only just started and it is so difficult to stay here continuously!

Here are two funny little characters I met as they were passing through the moment. Nothing profound, here, nothing to become attached to or explain…just something that happened for a while, paintbrush in hand, and that has already passed, leaving meaningless little marks behind, like ripples on a sand dune. Maybe you will say they’re nice marks, maybe not…the great thing is that I don’t care, here they are, I am already doing something else, now.

Now I’m just writing to say hello to everyone (see me here, waving energetically from the bedroom window of our gently bobbing boat?) and squeeze your hand. (Yes, my fingers are cold, there’s a gusty winter wind blowing over the harbor from the deserts in the South, and I can’t feel my fingertips!) Now I want to go back to my game of paints and brushes. See you when I see you!


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