day at the cloud factory…

cloud factory

I sustained a delightful couple of hours of mindlessness, yesterday, and had a bit of a play with paints and brushes.

The end result isn’t very profound or meaningful, but the process was pretty special.

It was one of those rare moments when I managed to turn off the endless chatter of thoughts in my head—the critic, the sycophant, the worrier, the unhappy rationalist, the self-conscious amateur, the eager-to-please child, the pretentious dilettante—and slip through the little magical door of Now, into simply Being…simply Doing, firmly occupying the present moment and having the present moment occupy me: focused on nothing but the dabbing of paint on canvas, the playful building-up of lines and shapes, the aroma of the coffee, the sounds of the wind and water around the boat.

I felt a deep peace and calm as I worked, not caring what the outcome would be, not caring if turned out well or not, or whether anybody liked it (myself, included), not letting myself grow attached to any part of it. Just accepting the moment for what it was.

“More moments like this, please,” I urge my soul…when there isn’t a single additional thing that’s missing, that I want or need, to feel my life and existence to be absolute joy, perfect in every way…perfect just as it is.



14 thoughts on “day at the cloud factory…

  1. Thank you for sharing your moment, it has expanded my thinking and put the ‘now’ into my priority list!!! Love your work, you can tell that it was a special experience for you…the paintings reflect this…


  2. It’s been a while, back again for a sneak peak and here we go again, wow! As was said by another up above, “your work is enchanting”. Your description of ‘Now’ took me on a trip to familiar spaces often tucked under the back of my head. A reminder to visit “Now” was just the pop I needed to burst out of my bubble. And your painting of lacy clouds? so pretty and so very nice.


  3. Hey, (could be 1st time comment, i can’t remember since i comment so little), the painting is absolutely lovely, i kept my googlereader open at this page all day while in the office and had a look at it every now and then. made my mood so much better. thank you for painting such a wonderful piece and thank you for sharing!


    1. You’re such a sweetheart to tell me that, thank you! If you click on the photo you get taken to my Flickr account, and you can download it from there (or even from my blog) as wallpaper so you don’t have to keep your reader open all day! Creative Commons license. Enjoy! 🙂


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