Moulin D'Or WIP

Lost this piece amongst my other projects for half a year…maybe more. But I found it last night, and added some stitching in rayon threads.

Enjoying the angled bars as they catch the sunlight like a mandarin’s silk robe, or the dull, furred fire of rough red gold.

Moulin D'Or WIP

No work for me today, so I’m curled up in an armchair on the boat with an orange cat for a cushion, pots of coffee, strains of music, and this embroidery.

Tomorrow it will be back to work…but Tomorrow—mangy grey wolf outside the door of the Present—can wait; this is the glorious Today.

Moulin D'Or WIP


15 thoughts on “today

    1. I’m glad you don’t get an ad, though I hope readers will bear with them, as it is one small way to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this blog, which, until I was allowed to put ads on, has been a tiny money leak since 2009. 🙂


  1. Shazam. Just stunning. What is the background fabric? Looks like a heavy linen. I love the luminous quality of the rayon thread. Must try that.


    1. Angle the stitches to make the changes of light! It’s a tangle-ey twisty thread, but used in shrt lengths and for just a few choice areas, it’s almost as nice as silk, which it was originally meant to be a substitute for when they first developed it (rayon).

      The fabric’s a medium weight cotton/linen blend, nothing fancy, think it was in the fabric for clothing section of the local fabric warehouse.


  2. Well, and I thought I’d see a nice little post about embroidery, but NO… you had to stick an ad about alcohol in there on the day that I said I wasn’t going to drink. (I know the ad was supposed to be about the cool greyhounds, but all I saw was VODKA.)


    1. Sue, I am completely at sea with this comment…what ad about vodka and greyhounds? 0_0 Are you talking about the Google adwords thingie I started using? All I see on my own page is an ad for lumosity (“Your brain, just brighter”) Enlighten me, please. 🙂


          1. Please bear with the ads, I’m sorry, I know they ‘cheapen’ any blog, but I earned 7 dollars last May, which is more than I have ever earned from this blog for the past 3 1/2 years! I’m not trying to make a living from the ads, but it would be nice if they helped pay for the yearly blog, domain name, hosting and whatnot fees…
            Thanks! I don’t even know what style of embroidery it is, I usually work more solidly, so the openness of the stitching is new to me. I’d like to do more of it. 🙂


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