From Drunken Mermaid to Drunken Employee…

Sorry I haven’t written or posted anything for three weeks! I hope nobody minds or misses the posts too much, though I miss being creative and having something to blog about! Not being able to do anything besides work and recover from work is making me cranky. 😦

I get up at 5:30 a.m., these days, work till 4 p.m., and then invariably find myself alongside half a dozen bearded men in greasy Safety Orange work gear, having a shot or four of rum at the Dinah Beach Yacht Club before rowing home at half-past-six in the evening. By then I’m too tired (and slightly tipsy) to do anything but make some salad and have dinner with Kris. I stumble to bed by 9 on most nights.

So I’ve become part of that bleary, grey workforce that leans against a bar at the end of the workday, reviving its lagging spirits with a fiery liquid of one kind or another. “Work is the curse of the drinking class,” and all that…

But it wasn’t always this way! Rum used to be something I imbibed as I sat on a beach, digging my toes in the sugar-fine sand, some pencils and a sketchbook on hand, an interested man making flirtatious conversation close by…

My brother  visited me while I was living on Malapacao Island, and because he’s an amazing artist—and paints as easily and effortlessly as the rest of us make cups of tea—when I asked him to paint a sign for the bar I was going to start up “one day”, he dashed The Drunken Mermaid off on two planks of palisander wood in a couple of hours.

Here’s an old ‘postcard’ for ya, “from where I’d rather be!”


10 thoughts on “From Drunken Mermaid to Drunken Employee…

  1. Love the sign your brother painted, and the fact that it’s painted on planks of wood is icing on the cake!

    “before rowing home at half-past-six in the evening” — The mental image of *rowing* home totally made me smile. I imagine the romantic image I have of it in my mind is not exactly quite like the reality of it at the end of a long day, however ;-).


    1. Thanks, yes the planks of palisander were provided by Kris, who had brought them from Africa, so it has quite a pedigree, this sign!

      For once, Glenda, I will accede to the romance! Yes, rowing home is almost always a beautiful way to unwind. A sunset lights the sky up, birds fly back to the mangroves to roost, the rhythmic dipping of the oars and plashing sound they make…and the day’s cares unravelling behind the dinghy in ripples on water, all calm me down before I get home, and recharge me for the night. 🙂


    1. Hah, yes, you’re right, I do, and treasure it. He wouldn’t count it among his ‘serious paintings’, but he has always been generous like this, giving me little drawings and hand-illustrated letters, and the occasional quickie painting. Everything he makes is special.


  2. OOOH! I know how you feel. It’s only 1pm here in the UK, but my work (crazy quilting) has driven me to the voka bottle already (for which I shall be eternally grateful) lol. Blessings Lesley


  3. Sounds rather like a rather hellish existence, but if you’re in the market to open up a bar sometime, I’m game! But I know that you and I will be the bar’s best (non-paying) customers.

    By the way, your brother does some amazing art! I clicked on your link and I love it. Does he have another website, which shows more of his work?


    1. No, me run a bar? I am older and wiser, now…you and I would BANKRUPT it in two weeks flat. You don’t want to know what happened to the resort that I just happened to be manager of, on said Malapacao Island? 😉
      Ah, my bro’s not really the sort to go on the internet, his prices long ago went beyond that sort of thing, he’s very professional, and it’s very hard to get hold of his work. I am kicking myself for not buying his paintings when I could afford them. Now? Not unless I saved for 4 years straight.


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