Week 17 ✂ Wheatear Stitch (TAST 2012)

Wheatear Stitch (TAST 2012)

This week’s stitch was Wheatear Stitch.

I’ve done a small, no-frills sample on a piece of fabric patchwork that is going to become a blank journal’s cover. Not very spectacular, but it gives a nice spot of hand-stitched detail to the otherwise machine-stitched patchwork. The book’s just mocked-up, in these pictures…haven’t turned the patchwork into a case, yet.

Wheatear Stitch (TAST 2012)

– – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂

This small embroidery sample is for Sharon Boggon’s Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 Challenge

13 thoughts on “Week 17 ✂ Wheatear Stitch (TAST 2012)

    1. Thanks, Nadia! Sorry it has taken me forever to reply…I am not doing as well as I would have liked to on TAST, but I’ll just keep going, whenever I can slip some stitching time in. Cheers for the visit! XX Nat


    1. It’s a lovely stitch, I particularly like it adorning the seams of a crazy patchwork…kind of a cross between chain stitch and fly stitch, super easy! thanks for dropping by.


  1. Love it, your covers makes me happy! Will it have watercolour papers inside? And so sorry about the family situation. I’m sending lots of metta your way.


    1. Wow, thanks! Probably not, this time around, these are covers I’m doing to use up the last of some text-weight ivory paperstock I had.
      Oh, the family situation, pfft, I was probably over-reacting. Anyway, it’s fine, a Skype call every 8 months or so won’t kill us. 😉


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