This seems to be the year my friends get their mojos on…

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Yet another creative, beautiful, soulful friend of mine has spread her wings and taken a leap off the artistic summit this month…

Pearlsha Abubakar, a beautiful and brilliant pianist, composer, and songwriter (she also writes articles for various publications, and has composed the musical scores to accompany quite a few television series…I mean, seriously, WTF? With friends like mine, who needs inferiority complexes?) has launched an online project called iSonger.

The concept?

iSonger is a website lovingly dedicated to just one piece of music or song…to the Filipino single. Because a song is forever….”

It is a tribute to both “a song”, and “The Song”…that single track, conceived with love and great feeling, meticulously pursued, minutely crafted. The featured song will get updated periodically. iSonger’s first offering is called North Avenue Station. Wide-open heart spaces and the sliding-past of city scenes frame this song, while the rolling, jogging piano recalls the sound of a train speeding along its tracks, traveling on, or away. The Tagalog lyrics have been translated into English here, an excerpt of which is below:

“…From those of you who have also loved this way
I ask for patience and understanding
As this story is getting to be rather long in telling
I guess it is so because
no one who has ever loved this way wants to miss a thing…

“…He brings his face closer to mine
I feel his breath on my face

He utters something in my ear
Then the wind comes and takes me away…

“…And the heart is beating
The heart is beating
The whole world speeding away…”

—from ‘North Avenue Station’ by Isha (Pearlsha Abubakar)

Please have a listen to the track, “North Avenue Station”, and for $0.99 cents, why not add it to your library of contemporary Filipina musical songers...erm, I mean songwriters! 😉

via iSonger.


The name’s probably a sort of many-layered inside joke…

  • in that ‘singer’ is a pretty common occupation these days (and most of them can’t play an instrument, nor compose their own melodies, nor write their own lyrics…they basically just belt the songs out and vamp for the videos) so the Filipino musicians who actually craft their music—who build it up from nothing, from the wooden whispers inside their instruments, from notes and poetry, from the translucent visions that visit one’s dreams, and who are involved in all aspects of getting that music out into the world—felt the need for a new term to describe what it is they do…

  • in that we like to poke fun at ourselves, and at the way many of us speak (or rather mis-speak) English…

  • in that the project title parodies both Apple products and “I, Caesar”, and could also be read as (one)Song, or (Isha’s)Song.


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