Who is dreaming whom?


Something that has repeatedly happened to me since I was a child is this: Just moments before sighting a wild animal, I will think about that animal. I have encountered several snakes, an owl, a scorpion, crocodiles, rats, monkeys and something I still haven’t been able to identify (it was following the sailboat at night. It was as long as the sailboat…)

Examples? I  was sitting at a picnic table, writing, and the image of a scorpion entered my head. Idly, I’d bend over to scratch a mosquito bite on my leg and, glancing at the ground, would see the scorpion, a few inches from my feet. Several times I have thought of snakes, and looked up, or down at the path before my feet, to spot one right away (one of those times, it was a python, and not outdoors or anything…it was slithering over the top of the books on my desk, right in front of me!)

Today, as I was flipping through my library of photographs in iPhoto, I stopped to look at some (rather washed-out and over-exposed) shots of crocodiles that I have spotted near our houseboat. I reflected that I hadn’t seen a crocodile lurking around Sadgroves Creek in over 5 months, and thought it was about time one made its appearance. We have a reputation (“crocodile infested Darwin,” remember? It’s on my About page) to uphold! Because of the past occurrences, I even said to myself, “Bet it’s out  there, now…”

A bit later I got up to roll a cigarette, went to open a window, and there was the croc…right next to our boat, floating brazenly on the surface for everyone to see, and it was directly below my window. It was not such a tiny baby crocodile, either…this one was pretty darn big for Darwin Harbour (there are traps everywhere; the authorities try to keep the city’s harbour relatively croc-free.) At the sound of the window banging open it raised its head just a little, and I swear to God it looked me straight in the eye. Then it hunkered down in the water, made itself a little less obvious, turned around and made off past a neighbouring boat and off into the distance.


I was left musing over whether my crocodilian thoughts had summoned this crocodile from somewhere? Had I perhaps conjured it out of thin air? Or whether my thoughts were simply a response to the crocodile’s thoughts about me? “Come to the window, lovey, I’m waiting just outside! Hey! Hi, there! Have you still got that fat orange cat?”

If these encounters with scorpions and large reptiles were real, was I the summoner, or the summoned? Or, if they were figments of an overactive imagination, were they my imaginings? Or was I theirs?


7 thoughts on “Who is dreaming whom?

  1. loved reading this, you’ve got super-powers Nat. it must be that well-developed wild instinct 😉 by the way, that croc is spiky-looking (I hear the snap snap clock ticking, peter pan style Smmmeeee!! hahaha) oh, and your headline is in russian. monsoon dervish speaking? -Kat (writing through Fra’s account. can’t seem to submit through mine..)


    1. No, I got basic powers, Kat…I think I managed to hang onto the ones everyone left behind when they became civilized. Which is saying what of me? 😉 The headline’s in Cyrillic because, with my banner already sporting the blog’s name, it looked crazy to have a headline that merely echoes what has already been said. It actually translates to “the cute tiny forest (or woods)” and yes, Kris gave me the correct phrase, after he saw my computer-translated version (the most small jungle” is what it said. LOL
      Someday I will learn Russian, so help me god. After Melayu, Spanish and French. YE-BA!


    1. Yes, I thought that, too…a kind of “Here I am, just so you know…you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone…” message.
      But I like the idea of being a crocodiles dream. I imagine him telling the others ” ‘Sweird, like I’ll think of a human, and then *bam* I see one in a matter of minutes!” ANd the other crocs will tell him “It’s your close psychic bond with your environment…” ;D


  2. All this talk about scorpions and snakes and crocodiles is making my toes curl, and not in a good way. Buti na lang I don’t have your summoning gift! *shudder* Lovely writing, Nat! 🙂


    1. I probably don’t summon anything, still I’ll try not to think of sea monsters. Kris doesn’t think it’s anything as simple as summoning things, or even animals letting me know they’re there to warn me. He thinks it’s some sort of basic knowing, in a bigger sense. If you really think about physics, and energy, and the idea that we’re all ‘One” then the crocodile-part-of-me is always aware of the human-part-of-me, and vice versa. It’s not a matter of being surprised, because it’s all part of the same whole…in the way that fingers are. Gets?


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