Griottes: THIS site is MURDER

I can’t remember the last time I saw anything so effing beautiful. The photographs on the site Griottes are too wonderful to be real…it’s like they have stolen deep into the heart-world of our most longed-for images, our utmost joys, and dragged these things out into the living world.

I don’t know what causes the delicious pain more…the photographs (color, styling, composition) or the food that’s in them.

Nobody should be allowed to do such beautiful and delightful things for a living…it makes the rest of the people in the world feel like they’re working as snorkel divers in the Poop Pits.

*just kidding* I love the site. (but I hate them…no, I love them…I’m confused about it all…)


2 thoughts on “Griottes: THIS site is MURDER

  1. NAT you nut! haha.. but you’re right about this being sooo delicious/beautiful! those pantone food swatches – the best! very nice feeling in the photos and color and styling, yeah – breathing it all in. so nice.. makes me hungry. 😛


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