Inspired! By 0 the 1’s Muse of The Week

Kat’s gorgeous blog, 0 the 1, has really taken off in the past year…she’s made a score of changes to the art, design and layout of the pages, has added regular ‘feature’ type entries, and—as always—slathers the whole thing with scrumptious photographs that have been given what I am really starting to think of as Kat’s signature “Elegant & Quirky” post-processing treatment: dreamy veils of layered colours, mosaics and intriguing juxtapositions, curly elements tucked into the corners, vintage graphics.

The result is a coherent and harmonious blog about being creative, starting a family, making a simple, self-sustaining, joy-filled life, and taking that life for long walks around (sigh!) Italy. She did a guest post about the city of Turin for Poppytalk that was so visually stunning, I ached with unconyeved excitement, a restless giddiness, and wanderlust for weeks.

In her most recent Muse of The Week post, Kat put together a short documentary about Stefania Giuliani, a book maker and typographer with a studio/laboratory called Librare. Librare is in the historical center of the city of Ancona, a seaport on the Adriatic. The sight of two medieval rooms full of Stefania’s gorgeous artist’s books, photographs, and trays full of metal type sorts, makes me jealous as heck! But also I feel so inspired to be able to glimpse into this warm, inviting creative space, and doubly lucky to have an adventurous and artistic friend like Kat, who took the time to put together this inspiring video and generously share it.

Salamat, Kat!

P.S. I sent Kat a mail art booklet—postcards, swatches of fabric, a cd, a bit of embroidery, a bit of everything, really!—some time ago, and here she’s done a post of the thing…including an animation where a smaller booklet of embroidery and writing slips out of a pocket in the bigger booklet. I was going to do my own post on the mail art I sent her, but this sort of leaves me (happily) deflated…I wouldn’t do anything as cool, so better just send you over to read her post on the matter!

animated GIF by Katerina Bona Vora of 0 the 1 (zerotheone)


10 thoughts on “Inspired! By 0 the 1’s Muse of The Week

  1. oh Nat! geez, wow I feel like blushing and giving you a big big hug. I never really know if what I’m doing is coherent enough to make an impact on anyone, thanks for the feedback and encouragement.. and coming from you is the equivalent of light breaking out from the heavens and “Halllelujahh” hahaha happy joy joy. 🙂 oh and sorry I posted about the letter? i was torn between keeping it all to myself and sharing my bright and sparkly treasure to world. guess you know by now I’m not very good in keeping beautiful things hidden. 😉 love youuuu!


  2. Thank you so much for your amazing blog, and for sharing Zero The One’s blog! So glad to have found your blog (I think I found your blog while googling information about hand-sewn headbands). Your books are amazing, and so full of beautiful details!


  3. First of all, the documentary, WOW, WOW, WOW. My gosh…could the two of you be a more talented set of friends! I was so happy to have found your blog, and thanks to this post, your friends Zero The One’s blog.

    Secondly, as you so elegantly described your sense of (sweet) disappointment by your friend’s description of a letter you once wrote – let me just say that I too, am going crawl away from this inspirational experience feeling “happily deflated”.


    1. Well, we could rope you in, then we’d be a formidable threesome? ;D Just one more (maybe we can kidnap somebody?) and we’ve got a witches’ coven (or a game of bridge).
      Thrilled, of course, by your reaction…and delighted that you like 0 the 1.


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