Setting forth on a pilgrimage…

Penang Sunset

I’m going to Malaysia today!

I have a couple of friends I’m going to visit, but otherwise I’m not planning on visiting a lot of tourist landmarks or geographical attractions. Don’t intend to do any shopping either. I haven’t got any money! I have been making the joke that I will be taking a holiday in homelessness…just to see what that’s like. I bought the tickets very cheaply last July, when I had more dough, but since the kitchen I work at has closed for renovations these past two months, I’ve run out of nearly everything!

But it doesn’t bother me. A little can go a very long way if you aren’t fussy. It’s just for two weeks, anyway. It’s a great way to travel, because you have nothing to lose, you can be in the moment and not constantly watch your wallet, your bags, your gear, your keys, blah, blah, blah…so very little can happen that might spoil your trip.

{ Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator. }

{ Travel light and you can sing in the robber’s face. }
—Juvenal, from Satires no. 10

I’m putting on a pilgrim’s rags, so to speak—taking nothing but a small backpack with few items of clothing and my battered camera, a couple hundred dollars to last me two weeks, no shoes but the cross-trainers I’ll be wearing to board the plane—and I’m off to pay my humble respects to the fabulous Street Food of Penang and Langkawi.

I’m so terrifically excited, I feel ready to burst…I’ll probably wet myself from ecstasy the minute I set foot in Georgetown. 🙂

the love of food

Murtabak, mee goreng, nasi lemak, asam laksa, char kway teow, fish head curry, teh tarik…my heart starts to race when I think of getting these dishes, in a hundred fabulous variations, piping hot and fresh from the vendors in the streets. Everything cooked with chillies, galangal, lime juice, spices, spices, spices…my idea of heaven on earth.

Also on the hunt for a particular ais kacang made at the Kek Seng Café, served with homemade durian ice-cream.

Wanna see my itinerary?


Leaving my laptop at home, along with my dietary restrictions, so you may or may not hear from me…depending on whether I can find an internet cafe that also serves food so that I don’t have to stop eating to write a blog post (heh heh heh)

Back to crafts and regular programming on the 26th of February (see, won’t be too long, but I will be so far behind in TAST that I will probably never catch up…)

8 thoughts on “Setting forth on a pilgrimage…

  1. AAAAA foooddd!! spices! bring it onn! 🙂 dear LhoRd your on a real mission, wish I could come along and be reunited with my dearest Laksa – enjoy enjoy ENJOY!! ❤


  2. oh dear oh dear! You ARE COMING!!!!!…. I feel so excited and nervous…like my first date with my penpal during my teenage years! Haha! Now…. straight to ‘business’..

    I may not be free this 11th or 12th….my hubby may need to work on this Sunday…(if he is not…..then…I’M YOURS!!!) but I see what I can … may be I can drop the kids at my brother in law place….. Hmmm… Anyway…

    1. Are you coming alone?
    2. Are your friend in Tanjung Bungah local?….familiar with Penang’s where to see…to …..
    3. What’s your plan? What is your ‘must see’ ‘must try’ and “must do’?
    4. How you plan to go to Langkawi? by air or sea or road… have you book your ticket?

    Oh dear! I’m so excited! I wish I can make it on this Sunday…. sorry…I only free during weekend when the kids were not going to school…Anyway…. Let me know what’s your plan…. at least I can plan and give good suggestion for great fun with least cost! I’ve seen the Penang Street Food you refer to…. those food can be found anywhere in local morning market and kopitiam (coffe shop)…with the same flavor but a lot cheaper too!…. Oh dear…. pls reply ASAP!


  3. Ooh, yummy! 🙂 Traveling light is like going back to when we were 24 again, don’t you think? I mean back when we didn’t have all this tech gear to cart around and lived more in the moment. 🙂 Ingat, Nat, and have fun over there! Ikain mo ko ng marami! 😀


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