Shop update : : down to just one…

The Video Shop

(This is boring—and I have procrastinated as long as I could!—but it’s got to be done)

This is just to let you all know that I have closed my Madeit shop. I mean for good…asked the admin to delete my account a couple of weeks ago.

I am so sorry to lose my Madeit shop…I loved the fact that it was an Australian-based site, and that sensible, considerate Australians preferred it because they were buying locally handmade things instead of stuff from ETSY shops overseas. But I have had a nightmare of a time logging into my account this past month…most days I wait for an hour for my account page to load. Some days the page just never loads.

I have no idea what’s wrong…it seems no one else has complained of a similar problem connecting to Madeit, and I am certainly not blaming them for my troubles (if anything, I like to blame evil overlord Telstra’s wireless broadband dongle for everything that’s wrong in the world, including poverty and the miserable quality of clothespins these days…) But it has been very frustrating trying to get into my shop just to perform basic actions like pay my monthly fees or add a product…can you imagine how infuriating it would be if I sold something and couldn’t view the order, or reply to the buyer? I had to close the shop down before something like that happened.

Which means that I only have one outlet for my handmade things now, and that’s my ETSY shop. I hope my patriotic Australian buyers will still consider visiting my shop, even if it’s hosted by a non-Australian website.

But wait! Before you go to check out my ETSY shop, now, I have to tell you that my ETSY shop is also closed—for just two weeks—because I am going to Malaysia tomorrow.

That's all Folks!


3 thoughts on “Shop update : : down to just one…

  1. try bigcartel if you want something more independent though it doesnt bask in the benefits of being in a network like etsy though it allows you to personalize your page and make it look like your own little shop. 🙂


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