How to create your own Lifebook: A personal workbook of your life

Malavika’s got a great post about “How to create your own Lifebook”, a personal workbook that combines her obsessions with stationery and organization into one amazing and beautiful whole. To me, it would more likely be combining my love of art journaling, journal writing, and bookbinding. I do not love planning and organizing so much. 😀


Do you have a Lifebook?

For me, creating a lifebook is the love-child of both; my obsession with stationary and my obsession with planning and documenting my life.

I love journals (Moleskine in particular).I have so many journals. So many! And sadly, most of them are unused. I don’t even want to use them for the fear of wrecking them. Journals are something that I both don’t need and desperately need simultaneously. Ick!

I finally found a good use for my beautiful journal. A lifebook.

So what is a Lifebook? A Lifebook is your personal workbook for your life.

For me, it is the perfect balance between art and productivity/planning. I like art, but not always enough to fill an entire journal.

I’m going to pretend you find it as fascinating as I do, and tell you how to make your own life book!

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3 thoughts on “How to create your own Lifebook: A personal workbook of your life

  1. Know what you mean, Lulu, although I still prefer putting pen to paper, I find that there’s just so much meaningless junk in my head on the days I sit in front of a computer, and precious little with focus and depth gets done. Certainly, a Lifebook is bound to yield more meaning and value at the end of the day than a Facebook! ;D


  2. A life book….I like the sound of it, but some days I’m afraid the pages would be empty! I, too,love journals, but these days it seems most of my writing is done on a keyboard.


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