Love Bites : : playing with the Harmony Drawing Tool

love bites furry monster

Came across Mr. Doob’s Harmony Drawing Tool via the Drawing Pins blog. There’s no way to undo or erase a mark (other than to start over) but he’s got a fantastic set of brushes. This is the brush/mark-maker called ‘fur’. I could play with Harmony all day. Pretty addictive! (But it’s such a pain in the ass to draw with the Macbook’s track pad. I should really get a mouse)

What is this post? This is nothing. Just playing around, mindless doodling on Harmony, a bit of fluff because I didn’t do anything special today (other than turn 38, which is not something I like to dwell on.)

BUT can you imagine a drawing such as this one made with the fur brush, interpreted in stitch? It starts to look like something, doesn’t it? Suddenly, hmm, there’s potential here, something to explore, to push, corners to tug at, a little seed of a seed of a seed of something…ideas, ideas, ideas, I shit ’em. LOL

Go make a furry Valentine for someone. Harmony also has “long fur”, for those who like their doodles (or Valentines) REALLY hairy.

bite me


13 thoughts on “Love Bites : : playing with the Harmony Drawing Tool

  1. This tech drawing is something I must investigate. I am lucky to have some success with just pen and paper but have learned to use gimp to size and clean up mistroke w/pen re lines and smudges.


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