a matching Lotti ❤ pendant

matching Lotti pendant

Couldn’t help myself…I had to make a matching little felt pendant to go with the doll. For Lotti to wear or hang from her little handbag (has Lotti got a little handbag? Maybe I should be making that next?)

“And WHERE is your Cretan stitch sampler for TAST, Miss?”

“Uh…oh, he he, it’s right here, be done soon, I promise! Maybe even in time before Sharon B. announces the next stitch friggin’ tomorrow?!?”

Short and sweet, I got to get back to my embroidery hoop. *sigh*
Lotti pendant (back)

5 thoughts on “a matching Lotti ❤ pendant

  1. Oh my! What a sweet pendant and doll. I adore the way you toggle back and forth between challenging, edgier artwork and more readily accessible pieces like this. Never genetic “cute,” though the doll and pendent are certainly adorably. They’re made with great love, care and tremendous talent.


    1. Thanks Olisa, it had to be fairly accessible, she’s only two. 😀 I had fun, though quite sated on the pink, now, and eager to get back to other things. 🙂 All that fluffy pink stuff was starting to make my nose itch. LOL


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