Lotti ❤

Lotti, ready for bed...

Eeep! Running late with my Cretan stitch sample for TAST. Ye Gods, how boring it is! Especially as it’s nearly identical to last week’s feather stitch, and I’ve really had enough of this family of stitches, lately. But I’ve pencilled in a nearly solid design, so there’s nothing for it but to plod along, laying rows and rows of Cretan stitch beside each other. *sigh-argh*

The other reason I’m late is I was suddenly overcome with a desire to make this little poppet…this is Lotti, getting ready for bed.

I’m sending it to its namesake, the real Lotti, who is two-and-a-half already.

Lotti recently drew a lovely pink scribble in a Christmas card for me, and looking at it yesterday I decided to put everything else on hold until I’d made something to send back to her.

A few years more and I will have missed my chance to eat all her toes…

eating Charlotte's toes...

Hard to believe she went from this

to this…
ye Gods, two-and-a-half already...

Just. Like. {snap}.

Lap it up, as this is about as close to my recessive, atavistic mothering instinct as you’ll ever see…the irresistible compulsion to stitch cute little felt figures for my goddaughters…

19 thoughts on “Lotti ❤

  1. Phew! So… Potentially not just me that thinks ‘yay! You’ve had a baby! I can make some stuff I quite fancied making and give it to you, without the need to have a baby myself!’ 🙂
    Both Lotti(es?) are very sweet. I love a fact that both can get dressed together. It would be most inconvenient to be dressed for bed all the time!


      1. Not sure who you are asking here, Marleen…is this question for Occasional Crafter? Or for me? Because if it is for me, I cannot think of any ballerina that I have ever made. Would love to help you out, but could you clarify a bit, please? Thanks!


  2. I saw you on craft gossip, the 2 lotti are adorable! Congratulations!!
    It’s amazing how time fies! I could swear my daughter was like that just yesterday and now she is five! 😀


    1. Yes, it’s such a dull truism, saying they grow so fast, yet you can’t help exclaiming every time you run into a tiny tot who’s put on 18 inches of meat and bone in 12 months… Thanks for the visit and comment!


  3. This post warmed my heart so much and now I have a permanent smile on my face 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a sweet little Lotti – both of them.


  4. I thought – Lotti, the little one from Princess Sarah? both so cute! bunny outfit + bear = adore.. and little toes for nibbling, nam nam nam 🙂 love the photography of baby Lotti. they do grow so fast dont they? sigh..


    1. Who from where? 🙂 Toes. I can’t get no-oo satisfaction….
      Yep, I’m sure Adamo is ripping his little onesies apart like the Incredible Hulk every week…I’ve always thought body painting would be a good way to dress them at this stage? Love and hugs!


      1. haha INDEEDLY! he ripped with his toes one of them things. so 3 little toelings peeped out like fingers – just like daddy, i said. him and socks with holes in them (why he keeps wearing them is a mystery). air-cool feature?


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