Cut paper Gypsy Poet

cut paper Gypsy

Played with bits of scrapbooking paper and a scalpel today. Taking a break from embroidery!

The Gypsy Poet is closely based on one of Leon Bakst’s watercolor costume studies for the Russian ballet. This may even be Nijinsky.

gypsy poet...cut paper assemblage

The back actually looks pretty nice, too…I’ll admit I like the back better! Those pieces of masking tape are beautiful.
flip side


8 thoughts on “Cut paper Gypsy Poet

    1. Marns, thanks, but no, was just something I did for fun…as it is, am not happy, too messy, the clash of patterns and colors. Will re-do, in simpler papers. Just looking for ways to use up scrapbooking paper. And learn how to put together complex paper things. Handsome ba? Actually, medyo may pagka monkey yung lips niya? LOL 😉


      1. Hee! I thought he was just puckering up for a kiss, or maybe doing The Smoulder from Tangled, a.k.a. mugging for the ladies and the camera. 😀 I kind of like the jumble of patterns and colors, actually. Mas wild and gypsy-ish ang dating. 😀


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