I’m thinking about crashing a wedding…

WordPress.com News announced a new blog template—designed especially to chronicle the dramas and joys of your upcoming wedding.  It’s called the “Forever” template.

What…you’re getting married? Nononono…no need to go fixing what isn’t broken!

But I’m thinking about switching over to Forever’s template. (Hmm. Come to think of it, the same could be said of my blog’s theme. Change? Again?! Why fix what isn’t broken?)

I’ve been looking for that sweet spot: a balance somewhere between a clean, minimalist look, with an eye to large photos, and a few useful widgets in a sidebar (where readers can see them…Manifest, my current theme, is certainly clean, but all the widgets are at the foot of the page, like the odds and ends that wind up at the bottom of a woman’s handbag.)

The main problem, I think, will be the typography. Not sure what’s going on with Typekit, I think I have one free typekit ID, from the time when they were still offering free fonts for one blog url…no idea whether that will survive the move from theme to theme. I certainly don’t want to get stuck with Forever’s default sans serif!

Anyway, It’s a thought.

Forever | A WordPress.com wedding theme.


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