über embroiderers: Maricor/Maricar

I’m starting a regular ‘feature’ on über embroiderers on The Smallest Forest: These are the big kids, the crème de la crème, the leet of needle and thread…that runts like me long to play with, but will never even exist in the same universe with. *stabs herself with a #24 chenille* Oh, crewel world!

✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂

Thought you might want to see where my  inspiration to mix stitch and typography comes from.

You’ve probably seen the amazing work of Maricor/Maricar before…I’ve had pictures of their tactile pieces posted on my Pinterest for a while, always meaning to write a blog post about them. Remembered to do that tonight, after seeing their latest embroidery for The Land of Nod’s catalogue.  In case you haven’t seen these pieces before, prepare to be ravished by the amazing colors, the handmade typography, and the immaculately neat and detailed workmanship! The first time I saw their piece Macho Distrust, I wanted to give up embroidery altogether (I know, I know, I said that about Jillian Tamaki, and Tilleke Schwarz, AND Jazmin Berakha)…they’re so good, the designs are so beautiful, and I so envy that they do this sort of thing for a living!

Back from some time (from what I gather) spent in London, Maricor/Maricar is a Sydney-based “studio that creates bespoke hand crafted visuals for print and motion”.

Their website is here, and their blog is here.

Go! Go lay your freshly severed, salty-warm and still-beating hearts on their front doorstep in humble offering…mind you don’t jostle mine, when you do.


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