Ambitious mum.

my awesome "somebody told me" piece from lyndzi!

She didn’t, really. Sometimes I do wish I were more ambitious, but most of the time I can’t be arsed. Eat my young? I’d have to be pregnant and have them, first, right? Gah, exhausted just contemplating it. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for protein.

Trying to eat Willow at Hanuman's

eating Charlotte's toes...

If I wanted to eat the young, I’d go for my godchildren.


Funny, fierce and smart, like the crafty lady herself…this fabulous hoop arrived just before Christmas last year from my swap partner, Lyndzi49, in the Phat Quarter FFofF swap “Somebody told me.”

Lyndzi says, “It’s from one of my favorite shows 30 Rock. Adam Baldwin’s character is talking to his assistant and says the quote portion then says that he has it cross stitched on a pillow and it’s actually behind him on his couch in the scene, lol. Since seeing it, I really wanted to stitch it and it worked well for this theme by adding the mother line. 😀 “

I am a television and pop-culture retard, but you probably know it.

{ Still. I. Love. It. }

What mum did try to instill in me was something she liked to call “The Feminine Mystique“. Tragically, she had never read Friedan’s book, herself, and she honestly believed the term ‘feminine mystique’ was a positive and desirable one. According to mum, a woman had to maintain a feminine mystique; this involved always being vague and indirect with your partner, never telling him when you were mad or sad (nor why), and never saying things simply or openly when they could be veiled in a melodrama of tears, cryptic iciness, exotic Oriental mystery theater, hysteria, or contempt. Yes Means Maybe, Maybe Means No, No Means Hell, No!…that sort of thing. It’s a wonder we womenfolk didn’t go the whole hog and hide behind fluttering Spanish fans all day.

Naturally I rebelled—as one must against a parent’s wisdom—so I have no one but myself to blame for being happily and peacefully married now to someone who is also my second mind, deepest friend, teacher, and favorite sparring partner. Much to my regret, eh?


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