More than meets the eye…

mushroom cat goes camp

Och, my god, I LOVE this belt! A friend gave it to me while I was in Manila last March, but I was traveling light and so packed it into one of the boxes that Kris was going to load up and bring back to Darwin via sailboat.

Kris finally got back from his 4-and-a-half months trip on the 13th of this month. There was the big job of moving all the stuff from Kehaar onto our bigger houseboat, SonOfAGun: Three thousand books, for starters (a thousand copies, each, of the three books Kris has written and self-published), followed by 11 blocks of pristine, acid-free, creamy paper for my bookbinding, 40 square feet of calf nubuck from Pakistan, leather punches, stacks of book board, gallons of glue, boxes of embroidery thread and an assortmemnt of other tools and craft supplies. Finally, near the bottom of the mountain of stuff, a small box of presents from friends, from my mom, and a few personal belongings that I  had left behind in my parents home all these years.

Among them, this kick-ass belt from Peach. A great big clunking Transformers belt buckle, the central panel of which is a Zippo-style lighter. Everyone needs a bit of camp in their lives…I love it, it’s such a trippy thing!

Can’t wait for the next Barry Brown and The Getdown funktion…



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