0 the 1: Yard Sale! for a cause

Love and marriage carried my friend Kat to Italy, where she, her journalist husband, Fra, and new baby Adamo, are building a shiny new life together out of creativity, social conscience, healthy habits and plenty of good art, travel, philosophy, music and literature.

Kat’s hometown of Cagayan de Oro was ravaged by flash floods recently, leaving over a thousand people dead (as of 14 hours ago), and Kat has posted this up on her blog, 0 the 1 (zero the one).

It’s a bad time to be asking people for help, I know‚—everyone’s busy, nobody wants to hear bad news, and budgets have been gutted—but it’s an even worse time to be among the people who have just lost entire homes and loved ones to a natural calamity, just two weeks before the Christmas Holidays.

Cagayan de Oro will be buried in the mourning black of a thousand funerals, well into the new year, at a time when the rest of the Christian world is gathering friends and family together in joyful celebration.

I’m sure even the smallest bit of help will make a difference to the survivors, who will doubtless need food, shelter, blankets, and clothing.

“Its a serious thing that just happened recently in my hometown. Of all places, I would never have expected something as big as this (711 dead and hundreds still missing). As shocked as I am, I’m glad my family is safe. However many have lost their homes and families. Real help is needed now. This online Yard Sale will hopefully help raise funds fast. I’m glad I have several handmade and vintage items I kept for my etsy (which I stopped because I wanted to focus more on my baby) available for this cause.

Also, for anyone needing design services – you can contact me and part of that fee will go to this cause as well. For more information and ways to help view this page: http://www.rmp-nmr.org/index.php/help-northern-mindanao.asp updates available for all relief work efforts HERE.

You can help also by passing on this information through facebook or tweeting this link: http://t.co/u9OA5ct #HelpNorthernMindanao”

0 the 1: Yard Sale! for a cause.


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