Phat Quarter’s “Somebody told me” swap, WIP

I’m running late with my piece for the Phat Quarter FFoF embroidery swap; I knew I would, what with work for the exhibition happening at the same time. I’ve told my swapee, anyway, and she’s been super cool about it…apparently she’s still waiting for a swap piece that was due in January this year. Glad to know I’m not the only slack embroiderer in the group. Anyway, mine won’t be so late…I work on it everyday. Just that I’ve decided on something rather grand in scale, so it takes time. Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m up to:

WIP for the Phat Quarter swapThe swap theme is “Somebody Told Me”, and we were told to interpret that any way we wished. I went for the idea of the game that used to be called Chinese Whispers (in the US, apparently, it is now called “Telephone”, to avoid offending). I just like the old name better, sounds prettier…and goes with the dreamy imagery I’m using for the embroidery. This is just a cartoon that illustrates Chinese Whispers…my embroidery is not going to look like an editorial cartoon from TIME…

About the embroidery…it’s not the same feather star as in that last Star of The Sea post…this one’s a little smaller, and I gave up on the plastic-ey iridescent thread, it’s a bitch to work with, really…was it meant to be couched, does anyone know? Because it doesn’t seem to have been designed for actually stitching with. For this blue feather star I used machine embroidery thread. 100% pure viscose. A little twisty, but otherwise smooth to work with, strong, hassle-free. It’s variegated from a bright, luminous turquoise to a deep ultramarine. On black silk, it looks like it glows.

8 thoughts on “Phat Quarter’s “Somebody told me” swap, WIP

  1. A very lovely embroidery. Interesting thread and the colors are sooooo pleasing. Also enjoyed the crocodile post–you’re right, they are very Jurassic Park!
    best, nadia


  2. It’s always been called Telephone in the US, nothing politically correct about it. Different names for the same thing in different places. Lovely embroidery, and a to-the-point cartoon. I sometimes thinks that’s all that goes on in the US stock market. Sigh.


  3. WOW! I’m sure that your swapee won’t mind receiving something late if THAT is what she is going to receive. Looks just beautiful! You’ve inspired me to try something this varigated thread. You always inspire me, though.


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